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working-area-cross.jpgI finally vacated my work area last weekend.  I found a place for most of the tools, and fortunately was allowed to keep the huge steel desk in there to house a lot of other stuff I wouldn’t have had room for otherwise.

I didn’t realize how much I made that space my own.  It seems pretty bare now, as i even removed some of the shelving and “furniture” I was using to organize stuff.  Lab equipment, bonsai supplies, lots of scrap and shelving wood, touch-up paint … you name it.

I basically finished up any upcoming projects while I could, and will hope for the best when I need a workspace in the future.  But a lot of stuff went to AMVETS and the dumpster.  I finally shredded the old Fisher Park files from the previous landlord, and got rid of a lot of old paint.  But I still keep old screws, nuts, bolts, nails, etc..  I just can’t help myself.