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We had our 22nd Little Christmas party last weekend and took out Reginald, our very-much-loved Christmas Tree, yesterday.  I really wanted to preserve him as a Bonsai or something, but I’ve been told it is pretty much impossible, so we will go with “Plan A” only, making some candle holders.  Or perhaps an artificial tree holder out of the trunk, and the branches as kindle starter.

I’ve also decided not to consider pre-Epiphany January as part of the new year.  It’s part of the previous year’s holiday season, so from now on, Little Christmas stuff (photos, etc.) will be archived with the previous year’s keepsakes.

It’s also the 10-year mark for Kentropolis Internet Community.  I’ve decided it’s time for a major rethinking, re-branding, and a concerted expansion — Kentropolis West.  If anyone has contacts in the SW Utah area, let me know.