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A flower is growing, unplanted in one of our planters, my most beloved kind.  Again I ask, “What are the Odds?”

Also had a wonderful lunch with Christina at the Orchard Inn followed by a visit to Caz Cafe and newly opened bookstore within.  It was even her idea, which surprised me because she always indicated it was “her” place (meaning with her friends) and it would seem an intrusion if I went there.  A pleasant and honorific surprise.

Monday evening I drove my friend Patrick to Rochester, which is father away than I recall, and the city just felt … strange.  But last night, I came home from some late night errands and got pulled over for speeding on Langner Road near my house — for the first time since I moved here over 11 years ago.  Merry said they patrol it a lot, but I never saw them … or at least almost never.