I bought beer.

21 August, 2008 Ken Everyday Life

I don’t think I ever did that before. I might have one if I’m out, or on rare occasion someone will bring some to our place, but I never actually went out to buy beer. Corona light, 6-pack of bottles, probably last me a week minimum.

A beer just tastes so good this hot summer, and I had a few left over from the Schola Cantorum reunion with choirmaster Jean in town last week. I especially like one in the morning for some reason.

And I think I deserve a cold one now and then with all the work projects nestled in between dozens of fix-ups on the new house. It’s my new obsession, and my toy store is Home Depot and anywhere else I can find stuff I might need. While on the subject, I discovered Len-Co Lumber on Seneca near Bailey, and love the place, right down to the perpetual hot dog stand out front, conveniently on the way home from Tai Chi or similar errands.

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