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Jenn Stuczynski took the Silver at pole vaulting at the Olympics, being one of only 3 women in the world to ever breach the 16 foot height. She’s my second-cousin’s daughter, whom I have never met in person, but I’m really proud of her, especially having only started in the sport 3 years ago.

I made a celebration a couple weeks ago in Fredonia (the second one that week, as I missed the first one where she signed autographs before she left for Beijing), where I got rained on a lot, but bought a t-shirt, got to see the distant family I knew (her father and grandfather), and hunted down the very last lawn sign with her name on it. There was even a marching band, dignitaries, etc.

Now I have to find out when the return party will be, as I only hear about such things these days from associates in BNI who live out there.