Cleaning up my desktop …

15 September, 2008 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & Personal

I’ve been busy with lots of projects, personal and professional, and I’m taking a few moments to clean up my computer’s desktop, nearly full to the brim with shortcuts and files as always.

I came across things I meant to post, including a poem I wrote while traveling without Merry earlier this year …

I was supposed to help out again on the Richard A. Smith ( but the nasty wind we had last night after a party at the house wreaked havoc at the small boat harbor and all the boat owners are being asked to move out.

Other than that, I spent over 12 hours over the course of the week painting a friend’s apartment.  I grossly underestimated the time it would take, forgetting the higher ceilings and lack of a squeeze roller.  But a promise was a promise so to speak, and I was happily exhausted for days, still working on the farm on Thursday, going to BNI leadership training, and doing things around the house before the party.

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