I can get major wood now.

28 February, 2009 Ken Everyday Life

Merry bought me a car.  Seriously.  A 2006 Kia Sportage(which we like to rhyme with collage, not cottage) with power this and that, 4WD, and most importantly, a lot of cargo space.  Now I need not put off lumber, insulation boards, or furniture purchases until borrowing someone else’s pickup or SUV.

We got a flyer for Transitowne in the mail Thursday, and I know Merry was itching to get me a car now that her payments on the Kia Rio are almost done.  She pretty much dragged me out there when she got home and we just did it.  The salesman who helped us was Tom Romano, who we found out was a major league baseball player — and an ex-Bison — who currently works as a gym teacher in Buffalo.

I can’t wait to take it to the farm and annual rally, where Christina will undoubtedly call dibs on it to use as a tent with a friend.  This year I hope she has the sense not to leave the radio on all night …

Anyway, “Orinoco Blue” (what I call my 1999 Escort ZX2 Sport) has been faithful, but Mer really is worried it will start breaking down and cost us more than a car payment to keep it running.  Maybe she’s right.  I hope Christina can take it in a few months when she gets her license, but if not, she can have the Rio when Merry decides to get a new car for herself, possibly as early as next year.

I was informed the car was an early birthday present.  I usually get her a magazine subscription or take her out to Olive Garden, so I’m not sure how to proceed …

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