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I’m seriously looking for a sales guy/gal again.  My last one just decided to play bartender the moment the business cards were dry.  If only people knew and understood what I was really offering, they’d jump at the chance to be that person.  Yes, my kingdom for the right sales person.

I just want someone I can partner with.  I want to be on a team.  Sure, I’ll write the checks and steer the corporate culture, goals, and processes in general, but I want someone to share being the faceof Kentropolis long-term.  And if I find someone who consistently performs within the value set I’m looking to maintain, I’d gladly hand them the keys to the whole damn thing as an exit strategy someday.  How many sales people could realistically hope for something like that, helping build a brand that they can call truly their own someday?

My goal is that once they settle in and get some free training from me and Bill Knoche, we can generate enough business to incorporate, and both be on the same W-2 plan, benefits, and any other write-off perks as things go along.  And I mean the SAME benefits — anyone I work with will receive the same benefits I give myself, from E-Z Pass to insurance.  And that would be on top of residual bonuses!

But here’s the problem … I could be the best “boss” in the world, but it doesn’t make finding that person any easier.  My ethical and professional standards are high, and I wont babysit anyone.  And then there’s the catch-22: people worth a salary don’t need one, but probably already have one and may not give it up for a better opportunity.  Well, enough airing my business dilemma … it’s the end of my business day and I’ve got another screen door to install at home.