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I have no way to describe it, really.  It was so full of life.  First, we visited Christina at her dorm on Saturday as she was moving in.  Mer put together a care package of food and stuff, and I grabbed an extension cord she needed from Big Lots on the way.  We only stayed a few moments, really, but it brought back memories of dorming and even visiting her college years a generation ago.  And yes, I was a bit teary-eyed on the way home, or at least on the way to Demetri’s on the Lake.

Sunday (today), we went to the final day of the Erie County Fair.  Discount tickets were no longer available at Tops, but right at the gate, a couple gave us two extra tickets they had!  Then we got the most amazing deal on a bunch of AT&T Mobile equipment, as I needed a cell phone that synced with Outlook and ended up with basically a hand-held PC.  Then we ran into friends Bob & Susan and had Chiavetta’s together.  Then the deluge began.  We got thoroughly soaked, and honestly didn’t care.  We didn’t even care about the parking ticket for alternate parking change on our street while we were out.  We were home after a memorable day.

Of course, watching Planet Earth in HD rounded it out nicely as well — the Discovery Channel is like porn to us.  Now I sit here listening to the Best of Jon & Vangelis, utterly perplexed about where I want to go with my personal online presence, but that’s a post for another time.  Back to keeping Mer company, and off to bed.