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I was at St. Hedwig’s cemetery the other day. 

A beer can sat on a momument next to that of my grandparents.  I thought it was litter at first, but it was unopened.  Maybe funny for some, but meaningful to them.  Reminded me of stuffed animals left on the graves of children.

Followed some turkets into the woods in the back, and looked in the usual dumping pile to find a glass jug that I promptly salvaged.

When I went to the front of the cemetery to visit the grave of my other grandparents, a couple there asked me if i was related to them.  I discovered he was my grandfather’s nephew and godson, and his wife was related to the husband of my aunt in California.  He looked a lot like Grandpa.  We exchanged names and are playing tag on Facebook.

Which brings me to my grandma Evelyn — my 5th grandparent, who married my grandpa (above) after Grandma died.  While doing a Facebook search for one of my cousins on that side, it turned up a web search link to her obituary.  It was odd to hear about such a thing from Facebook before my relatives told me.  I do have a small regret, though, as even though I didn’t really know her, I just found her address at the nursing home the other day and I had planned to write her, putting it off a bit too late.