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I don’t update much here, since I “tweet” snippets of everyday life on my Facebook wall.  I really submerged myself into it .. but sans games.  Getting together with old friends keeps me busy enough.  In fact, I just had Sunday brunch with an old grade school pal I re-met through Facebook.  Unbelievable.

It’s almost like school where you’re able to see and hang out with people you know every day — the opposite of my usual lifestyle of hiding in my office.  Well … I’m still in my office, but now I can catch up (and stay up) with tons of people I met over the years.

But as for blogging, I’m looking to start a SERIES of blogs, with different target audiences, to cover all the subjects I’d liek to write about.  That’s another reason I’ve put off entries — the bigger picture is in serious gestation.