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The last few weekends have been a wonderful “Anniversary Month” for Merry and I.  We went to the Ellicottville Fall Festival and took a detour on the way home to Pumpkinville, where they based the helicopter rides we were seeing all day.  We ate a bit too much early on to run the gauntlet of food stands at both, but we bought gourds (since only one was harvested from our own plants), and looked extensively at items falling into the two categories of crafts in our lives — stuff Merry can make, and stuff she can ask ME to make.  We ended up parking far away at EVL (the car sticker designation for “Ellicottville”, which I simply pronounce “evil”, out of humor but not ill intent, of course), but the extra walk was pleasant.

On Monday of this week, we went to Canada specifically for Swiss Chalet, but ended up enjoying a tour of Clifton Hill and Niagara-on-the-Lake.  I’ve given a lot of thought lately about my relationships with people close to me and we talked about that, the main point being I love my wife so much that it heightens my sense of mortality in some ways, that life isn’t long enough to spend with her.  That, and still mourning Lady Bug.  The other day, I could have sworn I smelled her on my lap …

Today, we went shopping at ate sushi at Wegmans.  I recently realized it was only this year that I would even touch it — now I look forward to it and even go out of my way for it, ESPECIALLY at Wegmans.  Of course, after we gorged ourselves with that and lobster bisque, we found ourselves passing one free sample stand after another.  In the end, we spent a little more than usual to have swordfish tonight (liked it) and a few things for a client couple coming over tomorrow.  Hopefully we can talk then into staying for dinner!