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I stood up for my friend Scott’s wedding last weekend at Kloc’s Grove.  (We’ve been colleagues in Tai Chi for about 15 years.)  The food was some of the best I’ve ever had and not only did I eat way too much, I danced too much.  I’m surprised I kept it down.  In my downtime, I kept the bartender from being bored and it turns out she went to high school with Christina.

And for the first time, I wore a kilt.

The kilt was more comfortable than I thought, even being thick wool in a relatively hot day.  It took a while to set up the whole outfit but was worth it.  The weight was distributed better than a sword on the side, and it felt natural.  And apart from being clean shaven, my wife approved.  The outfit was on loan from the other Best Man, Mo, who was a piper and knew Scott from such circles.

Another new experience: I treated Scott and I to brunch at Emily’s in Clarence and saw something I never expected on a menu for breakfast — kluski, scrambled with eggs and bacon.  Good times.