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I don’t remember it ever being this hot at the Ellicottville Fall Festival.  We went early Sunday and saw a few neat things (including an Internet cafe that was cash only … seriously?), but it was uneventful except for Mer being enchanted with a rescued stray pitbull named “Byron”.

Afterward we went to Pumpkinville and filled up on pretty much everything we need for Halloween, but then discovered a place called Wendel’s on the way home.  It was a lot more fantastical and with better prices on everything.

I also finally got to show Merry the little candle and herb store on Route 240, taking the “curvy” way home.

I brought my camera and caught a couple nice photos, but the one that got away was looking at the cemetery in Ellicottville with a fog that went all the way to just exposing the trees on the top of the vast hills behind it.  It was as if you were looking at heaven over the graves.

But it was hot.  I dressed lightly and stayd out of the sun as best I could — another reason we didn’t linger at Pumpkinville.