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After a bit of a pleasant sleep-in, I had tea with Merry on the front porch in my pajamas this morning.  It seems like there’s million things to do to start off 2012 and my brain’s about to freeze up.  Speaking of freezing up, it’s gotten dark and some “arctic blast” is supposed to come through in the next few hours …

After a hot shower and getting into warmer clothes, I plan to go through some old miscellaneous photos to make sure they’re archived digitally, maybe add some other content here from the old forums, and just general organizing of my data hoard.  I made a lot of headway cleaning up and trimming down stuff this last year, and caught up on countless little projects I’ve put off for anywhere from months to many years.

I’m more up to making videos now, have really rocked into WordPress, and am taking on new skills in my profession all the time, after having been stagnant for many of the past ten years.  Today is a day for making plans, especially online, which may include a web community for non-custodial fathers.  Who knows.  It’s time I monetize some of my web properties and maybe automate content on some new ones.

And yet, to fill in the time, I’m actually considering taking on some “mundane” physical part-time job.  Given my work ethic and competence, I could rock any work place, and given my experience, confidence, and lack of monetary dependency, would demand and command some respect.  Maybe the discount store around the corner, where an old friend works.  I’d enjoy working with my old business buddy Jim Bove at 88 Video, also around the corner, but that would be mostly sitting on my butt for hours, exactly what I’m trying to get away from.  I’ve had several dreams recently that involve going back to some workplace, and because it’s not out of necessity, it seems more a pleasure to be back out in the world rather than some unpleasant obligation.

The only other thing is ovecoming my dread of American politics and investing too much hope in a presidential candidate, even if they turn out to be what they claim to be.   I want to make a long-term difference, educating myself and others, trying to break the cycle of apathy and indignation toward the wrong targets.

But for now, I’ll happily enjoy helping Mer cook a nice supper.  After my shower, my immediate chosen task is to semi-peel and butter saute some small potatoes from the farm we’ve stored in our root cellar.