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I’ve always wanted to be in with the show on-field, but could never commit to all the practices and rehearsals.  Well, behold!  The Universe found a way!  About a week before, I was asked if I could stand in as a “captured Jedi”, went to a rehearsal, and ended up on field!

It was an amazing whole-day experience, being behind the scenes and actively being in photo shots, collecting donations, and visiting boxes with professional clone-trooper “Rex”.  In the tunnel, I even got to meet the mascots (Buster, Chip, and Belle) and they were happy to be asked for once for a photo as themselves without their “heads on”.

Bryan lent me his robe and I borrowed an extra light saber (replica of the Graflex 3-Cell) for bows.  It was truly awesome, and I hope to have some part in it next year — maybe even dueling, who knows …