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My daughter asked me recently to take down an embarrassing part of my LinkedIn profile, now that she links to me as a professional herself:

Christina’s Family
1991 – Present (23 years)
My most important job, and a priority ongoing project. I started out as a feeder, cuddler, diaper changer, burper, and did other repetitive menial tasks without complaint. Eventually I moved up to educator, slowly transitioning to facilitator and confidant, personal life consultant, and hopeful role model. Current duties include continuing to be there while giving space, providing transportation, and heading quality assurance in the self-reliance department in anticipation of phasing out most constant duties.

I recommend this type of work for any loving person who wishes to grow as a person, test their patience, endurance, and inner strength. The rewards are limitless, and though there is no record of perfect performance in such a career in all of history, and mistakes come with the territory, there can be satisfaction in a job well done.

Deleted, but not forgotten.