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When the 219 resumed construction after all these years, I decided to capture it on film (figuratively these days). As I travelled to and from the farm so many times a year all those years, I captured their progress … building bridges and embankments, landscaping, machines, everything. Even what looked like a tree farm.

Apparently, the 219 as it was — mostly a two-lane highway — incurred many deaths and the limited access highway to replace it was to solve that problem. Millions of dollars more, and a few years later, roughly 5 miles was added to it. I calculated it saves me about 5 minutes off my commute.

Of hundreds of photos I took, here are a few select ones I just found. The rest will be archived online. But this was really my archiving-hoarding instinct taking over. I was relieved to find out from a friend and Tai Chi instructor of mine, Sharon Waters, who worked on the engineering side of the project (unbeknownst to me), that there were systematic photo records being made throughout. And realizing my efforts were superfluous, the pressure was off to more adamantly pursue the shots at the end.