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People wearing shorts yesterday, snow tomorrow.¬†About a month ago, the leaves finally turned and now they’re almost gone. Heating and cooling companies have noticed very little break between air conditioners and furnaces the last few years and when I asked a knowledgeable entymologist how long a trend that would be, she said it won’t be back to four seasons in our lifetime.

Four seasons. That’s the reason most people say they want to live here instead of somewhere else. I don’t know if I want to stay if this is true …

We couldn’t make the Fall Festival in Ellicottville, but went to pumpkinville with the dog (Hazel), only to find they now have a “No Dogs Allowed” sign after we’ve seen dogs every other year and regretted not bringing Pasha.

We didn’t really celebrate Halloween this year. No guests, no pumpkin contest — although I carved the largest pumpkin ever. Mer wasn’t in the mood because our friend Linda was to have her first Halloween with us, but died weeks earlier. She was in Star with us and without much family we had her join ours the last year or so of holidays.

And with the new dog — and a fear of what disaster she may bring to a decorated tree — we’ll be decorating later than usual this year. She’s getting better, but is still a bit much for me to handle at times. I’m more worried she may hurt one of the cats, as they still haven’t worked things out. Time will tell.

And unlike most, I’m looking forward to snow.