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Almost didn’t go to my 30-year high school reunion. The idea felt weird in an age of already keeping in touch with Facebook or people you already see regularly, and many of whom you really didn’t know well enough to keep in touch with in the first place, and have become essentially different people.┬áBut it was good. It brought back warm feelings, and even those few who were, let’s say ‘rough around the edges’, are far less so today! I guess we are all still ourselves, just a bit wiser, more mature, and with a whole lifetime of chapters to add to our stories.

It brought back pieces of myself into strange focus, as I think I had more dreams about the school since I graduated than days I spent there. Memories and things deeper than memory.

As if that weren’t enough, the next week reuniting with my Goddaughter after roughly 20 years was an experience too complex to fully process. Today is the anniversary of her Mother’s death, a dearly loved Sister of mine. She has become an amazing woman with a family of her own now, and we both had so many questions about our lives, then and now.

It will be a long standing dream come true if she moves here, as I always wished for her (and maybe someday her brother) to be more a part of my life, and me in theirs. When I left them to their other visits and return home, a rainbow appeared, and it felt as if a promise were whispered to my soul.