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I remember as a child old black-and-white movie reels projected on a wall. One of them was footage of a trip taken by my parents and grandparents to Letchworth State Park. I always meant to go ther some time with Merry and finally got the chance. Earlier this year, a reunited friend from high school got married and asked me to be best man. His wife was new to the country and I talked about all the local parks and we decided to all go together to Letchworth.

Unfortunately, the entrance we chose to meet at was closed and we didn’t have any cell phone signal out that way. It ended up we each had our separate trips. However, after a sour mood by that and other circumstances cleared, we had a picnic, saw two of the falls, and went to a craft show. It was a good day in the end (it even wore out Hazel) and now I know the lay of the land for next time.

Here is a picture of the gorge that I believe was a shot in the film, taken from a stone bridge.