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Have I been THAT busy? I spent most of this time preparing for and dealing with the responsibilities as Master of a Lodge. “I’ve sold my soul to the company store.” But I will write about that elsewhere.

I started the Amorphous Publishing Guild — dba papers, bank account, bought a batch of ISBNs, and found a few people to share the learning experience with. My first book I plan to publish — well, other than a composite volume of works by the WNY Lodge of Research — is a book I’m writing on Astronomy. It seems like the right place to start after all my other (unfinished) starts — it’s something dear to my heart throughout my life, and I may as well be able to say I write everything from A to Z in relatively that order, LOL.

A string of deaths swept through my circle, including Mer’s Mom, which greatly changed the usual ebb and flow of the seasons. We really haven’t done much in terms of gardening or taking care of the house — until now anyway.

I just reorganized my office, including some painting and thinning out files. Not used to it yet, but it feels far more open without the floor lamp and the big printer (which I only use for scanning) is no longer blocking the middle window. This has been a mental as much as physical exercise that I greatly needed.

I seem to be going from one list of deadlines to another (to another and another), and dealing with loose teams of people like I never have before. It’s a huge learning experience and even an emotional ride somewhat. And it would be nice if more of it was paying work, but I’m getting by with enough of that to pay the bills and all.

Summer was too humid to enjoy for weeks at a time it seemed. But today was perfect weather for Fall, possibly the only day we’ll have like this. I’m used to the cooler weather but it’s not damp or uncomfortable like most of the recent months. In fact, I may go for a walk right now and finally visit the new deli around the corner.