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Around the anniversary of my Father’s death last year, I saw him in a dream again. Not sure if it was a message, but one interpretation is that he is moving on, and we may catch up down the road later on. Another lifetime perhaps. Images of Dunkirk prompted me to finally visit the ancestral cemetery. We planted various artificial poinsettias on the usual graves. Only after did it occur to me to I could have asked him for help in my quest regarding his mother, my grandmother.

It was another Advent-less year. We were just lagging in setting up the house decorations and such, and things like the lawn Frosty and Advent candles will just have to wait until next year. It was a green Christmas anyway. But I was content. We had more of Merry’s family and some friends join us so that it was a relatively full house for Wigilia, even though some could not make it.

And then there’s our Christmas kitten … Dudszje, who we suspect may be the reincarnation of Kiszka, or Derp II. He’s staying in a crate overnight, and not out at the same time as Hazel, so long as the tree is up, for understandable reasons. Hazel keeps uncovering her crate’s blanket, and when we put a heavy one on it, she perched on top. I hope that’s a good sign, as we were hoping to have a cat that Hazel could be friends with.

On another positive note, some web projects came in to make this possibly the first Christmas in 20 years we were not worried about paying December bills late. There are still some expenses down the road I have to work toward, but I didn’t have to beg clients for money owed to get by.

Still deeply contemplating mortality, and hoping to live this next year focused with a reasonable urgency, even if not strictly necessary via a positive outcome of surgery at Roswell in a couple weeks.