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Apart from a few small forays, I haven’t done any serious biking for almost 35 years. Merry has had trouble with her feet lately but discovered she could ride without trouble. A further discovery that her bike was too small prompted purchase of a bike that fits properly. That was a hint that perhaps mine (borrowed from my daughter last year and then stolen from her backyard) also wasn’t quite right, as the “Mongoose” seemed more laborious than it should have been, previously chalked up to my being out of shape.

Saturday, Merry took me to Bert’s Bikes (where she got hers) and I ended up getting a bike that I find I can actually ride without feeling beat up. (I first tried a recumbent bike and almost fell in love, but as much as it reminded me of my beloved childhood Green Machine, and was smooth as a starship in the showroom, it was rough out in the lot.)

I rode a mile-plus the last two days, and as much as I still feel the imperceptible inclines and declines of our neighborhood roads more than I should, it didn’t kill me. I enjoyed it, though I admit I was determined to take it up so we could both get back into reasonable shape.

I still want to walk Hazel more often, but this could be the key to better health for us both, and it’s something we can truly enjoy together.