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I was going to name this post “A Year Without Halloween” but that seemed too negative. It did make me a bit sad, especially when someone came to our door by mistake. Due to a cash crunch, we couldn’t afford candy, and there are hardly any kids coming out anyway. We didn’t even decorate, except for the usually Autumn decorations.

I never did bike that much as planned. Between my back being in and out and not being able to get the bike in and out of the porch by myself, I just didn’t fight the inertia.

At least I’m finally setting up the fish tank. I feel an obligation to take care of my creatures, however small. At least the guppies I moved to the spare room are still the same ones I’m rewarding with a larger tank now. I think it will really complete the room. I already have my algae balls in the tank and will start moving the fish tomorrow or so. I just have to wait until I can afford a nice hood and light.

November will be busy, by choice. I am working on one, possibly two books in earnest; I’ll be making mead starting next week; I’m trying to learn conversational Spanish, read audiobooks, and do the usual (and not so usual) Masonic endeavors — all this while putting out fires and hunting receivables in my usual occupation.

The Masonic year is in full swing and I’m already finding myself too often double-booked. I’m really trying to avoid meetings without a specific purpose, but am now learning the work of both Royal Arch and Cryptic Masonry. I can’t even make progress in Scottish rite duties these days.

The big thing is I’m wasting less time on video games and have none on my phone after being somewhat obsessed with a particle simulation game for a while. If I spend less time on such things, life would be a lot easier, and I am finding that is true except for the now heightened expectations. The rest of the year will be interesting.