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I am looking for a good site that will help with a wiring solution I will need shortly. I have done the normal GOOGLE searches for the particular problem, but I am not getting the results I want.

I am trying to install two ceiling fans in my kids rooms. :angry: I understand what I have to do, but the part I am having trouble with in particular is where to tap into the electrical.

I need to install an electrical outlet box in the ceiling in each room. Not a problem! I understand where to put it, how to hang the box betwenn the joists, and how to put up the fan. But, I need the power source. I know that I want the fan to operate from the light switches. The lights switches currently power a wall outlet in each room.

SO! My question is, do I try to tap my wire into the Light Switch box, or into the Power Wall Outlet that is controlled by the current switch? My thought is the latter. That way the switch will then turn the fan on when it is engaged.

Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.