Almost Forgot & Mistaken Identity

15 February, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

Almost forgot … yesterday I had raw milk for the first time. It wasn’t a lot different except it didn’t have the nsty milk small I usually experience. And it was thick, whereas I thought it would be more yellow and less opaque (more yellow). I think that’s from a (mis)recollection from when I visited a dairy farm in Kindergarden, where Jeffery Trainer tasted it by getting quirted right from the teat. Of course, I drank it cold at the dinner table, as I’m not THAT friendly with the cows I work with.

Also, on my way back to the car after church, I think I heard an older woman greet me with a “Hello, Father” as I was wearing my “Neo” frock coat. Even the ushers looked at me funny before mass. Pic may follow …

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