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I dreampt (sp?) I was watching a high-cieling convenience store owned by Merry and I. She was out, and an assistant was working the register. Suddenly I realized we had closed our “Iron Circle”-like store, but did not move out or notify the landlord and did not pay the last month’s rent on it. The other store was a jam-packed lower of an old house (sort of like the one I lived in with my daughter on Seneca Street, or perhaps the house across from my store where my friends lived farther down that street) and it was full of martial arts stuff, weapons, and herbs hanging, etc.

Probably subconsciously about the transition from the office, but I don’t know. I got an email from an old plastics company I did business with years back asking for raw materials. I sort of miss that job — I wasn’t bad at it and did sort of enjoy it if it weren’t for abusive management. I never pulled rank with my Dad being an owner of the company, and I origianlly took the job to help him in his new business. But that’s another story for another time … just saying I miss working with my Dad.