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Today I learned how to change the oil and did so for the first time … on a Toro riding mower. I changed the batter, gassed it up, and took it for a spin. I even wore a NAPA racing cap. Slipping toward the Buffalo redneck end of the social spectrum I guess, but it was fun. Hydrostatic transmission, too. Merry beat me with pussy willows and the thing wasn’t fast enough to outpace her, so I took the beating in stride.

In fact, on the way to bed (And the computer right now), I saw Tiger’s wooly mammoth stuffed toy on top of a pussy willow. I don’t want to know.

Yesterday I sent out the draft of “Other Flock Ministries” and already got a few responses, from people I haven’t heard from in a while nonetheless.

Well I’m hitting the hay, but first I think I’ll try and drop Peacevine a line. Good night, Mrs. Callibash, wherever you are.