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I can’t believe how much I’ve become dependent on food as a psychological diversion. I use it to fill the gaps. I now realize that it’s gotten to the point where I must go to the fridge and cupboards dozens of times a day when I’m not even hungry. One of the biggest spiritual benefit to fasting is definitely becoming more aware of your relationship with food. Acutely aware. And you’re reminded of it as you continue.

It’s been too long. And now it’s time to make a change.

Anyway, after running my usual Good Friday errands (visiting my mom’s box at the mausoleum, etc.), I picked up Chrissie and we all went to the Broadway Market. Not as busy it seemed this year, but we got our yearly wooden egg and all that. Last minute Swieconka. We’ve been so busy lately, we didn’t even color eggs, put up decorations, or anything.