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The song (lyrics to Greensleeves) I wrote we got to sing in church at the Palm Sunday Vigil mass. Faked a harmony here and there, and Jean (the organist / choirmaster) made some changes in it, but it was kinda neat. I figured it was about time someone made it more than a Christmas song. Here’s the lyrics I wrote weeks earlier, as I originally wrote it with a few changes made later:

Christ, Jesus, You Came to Earth

(Melody Greensleeves, Lyrics by Ken JP Stucyznski, 2004)

I. (All)

At this Last Supper, we gather now
With bread as Flesh, and wine as Blood
Rememb’ring He who gave us Love
So long ago, yet now so near to us

II. (Solo, Tenor or Bass)

In garden, quiet, the Word awaits
Betrayal, pain, and suffering
“O, let this cup pass from my lips,
But not my will be done but Yours.”


Christ, Jesus, You came to Earth
Lord, Jesus, You lived a man
Christ, Jesus, You came to die
To save us each from the grave of sin

III. (Solo, Alto or Soprano)

Alas, my Son, you have become
The Light for all the world to see
Upon a hill, but not a throne
Upon the wood, why must it be?


IV. (All)

So now we carry each our cross
But not alone we bear the pain
For in our death we rise with Him
A promise made true unto the end.