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Feeling much better after seeing Chrissie yesterday. Helped her study for exams, and we really worked together much easier than usual. Don’t know if the change in attitude is her, me, or both.

And remembered I forgot to record some things in the journal. At least publicly, as there ARE private entries that some of you are aware of, though on rare occassion.

Friday, Mer and I went to a get together at the cemetery in honor of Grandma (my step-mom’s mother). It was really sunny and hot, a few people spoke a few words, a grandson read a litany of scipture passages, not all having to do with the occassion, and I ended with a few thoughts, a personal blessing, and a more traditional Catholic prayer at the end, knowing she probably would have wanted it. Many of them really appreciated me being there, even though only a few knew us. I cried here and there, of course. She was a really nice woman, and like I said, “Everyone could always use all the grandparents they can get”.

Saturday, which rained almost all day, I gave the blessing over the graves of the Confederate soldiers who dies while imprisoned at Elmira. After a couple of scripture readings and prayers, I ended with a few words, which can be found somewhere HERE. It was fitting to current political circumstance, yet pertinent to all times. The drive was longer than I thought (in miles) and was 5 hours round trip for a about 2 hours there. I almost cried a couple of times.

I made a joke that I was spending too much time at funerals and in cemeteries. I suggested maybe it was time to go to sea and hunt the White Whale. Of course, she got it and laughed, reassuring that I have a wife that would get it in the first place.

On Sunday, I took Mer, Chrissie, and her best friend, Liz, to the Polish Heritage Festival. It was okay, but didn’t grab me like the Hellenic Festival does, even though I ran into people I knew from organizations I belong to or help out with web stuff. I did get a business lead however. Probably would have been better if we could have stayed and watched the dances and such.