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Okay … Last Thrusday, I went and cleaned out the Beretta. I didn’t even know I had 2 spare tires! Anyway, it was very sad, almost like losing a loved one. I think this bothered me more than losing a cat. I even had lunch and a snack in Otto, sitting in the car. It went on eBay over the weekend, and still no bites last I checked. I never really bonded with the car, or maybe I have and didn’t know it, but we went through a lot together and I will miss him/her.

Anyway, Merry has the new Kia Rio (please-give-me-a-ticket red, like ANY car she will ever own) and it’s a standard. She’s getting the hang of it, and even though I hardly drove it more than thrice, I’ve about got the hang of it as well. She thinks I’ll be a convert and get a standard for my next car, but I am not yet convinced.