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You’re license plate is New York “CSV 8825”. And you’re an ass.

Going Westbound on Route 20 in the town of Lancaster around 2-3pm, I saw (and heard) the ambulance coming the other way. I put my blinker on away from them and slowed down to give them peace of mind like any considerate human being, but stayed in the left lane because YOU — “Mr. CSV 8825” — were behind me and showed no signs of slowing. I thought I’d MAKE you slow down, which you ought to have had the decency to do yourself. I was wrong. You passed me at full speed (or over) IN THE TURNING LANE, damn near the ambulance coming the other way. I’m sure they appreciated that.

If anyone knows who you are, I hope they email me with your photo so I can post it here. I always thought there should be a website for this. But for now, I will only say that only God can see into the hearts of men, and I’d like to think you are just too swtupid to drive, but when the sheep get separated from the goats, I suspect I may have an idea what fold YOU will be in.

Oh, and I saw The Net with MEr and Jeff tonight. As always Sandra Bullock was hot in a mousy kind of way. That’s it for now. G’night.