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Wegmans is selling all their VHS tapes and no longer plans to carry then except for new releases — the DVD is now King.

And it was cheaper to buy than rent, so I grabbed “Just Married” and “Children of the Corn” to watch with Chrissie. We watched the first one, which didn’t suck at all as much as I expected. We’ll try tio watch the other Tuesday, which she said she didn’t think was an especially good movie but fun to watch. But she wouldn’t watch it before going to bed Wednesday night.

On a sidenote, her & LIzzie went with me to the farm and had a good time. Brought home and aprcel out a lot of produce into thirds..

Anyway, I got those two videos (half-price on $4.99), and then went back for more the other day. I bought any one I had been meaning to watch, totalling 7, sans “Jacob the Liar” which someone had grabbed since my earlier visit. I just watched S1M0NE. Decent movie, but will donate to AMVETS. That under $20 for 7 movies is so much better thahn wasting two theatre tickets on things I don’t even know I will like but just want to see. At $2.49 a pop, I can buy thye DVD someday if I love it, and donate it if I don’t.