Artsy Mood – The Neighborhood

26 August, 2004 Ken Photography

It was a somewhat dreary day when I took these photos. I saw the pizza box when I walked the dog, then came back for my camera. The image really made a statement. I honestly don't know WHAT statement that is, but it's open to multiple interpretations. That's why it's art, right?

Anyway, they were all taken with my Olympus C-211 ZOOM, some shots as portrait then turned 90 degrees electronically.

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3 Responses to “Artsy Mood – The Neighborhood”

  • admin says:

    This final one that I took cries out the effort of our souls to reclaim nature in whatever way we can …

  • admin says:

    Parking lot, jsut seemed right at the time, and really conveys the bleakness of the day and how one could view the “artificial-ness” of a living space.

  • admin says:

    The rest of these are of the Fisher Park Apartments, and I found whatever angles caught my eye. I think I was trying to make a statement about the overwhelming impact of man-made structures on environmental perspectives … or something.

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