Erie County Fair – August 2004

26 August, 2004 Ken Photography

The last month or so, I've started to have trouble with the auto-focus on my camera, an Olympus C-211 ZOOM. It's sort of hit-and-miss. Anyway, I discovered I LIKE new tractors as well as old ones. And as long as it isn't John-Freakin-Deere Green, I don't mind the color not being red.

But first, at the kid's petting zoo, someone found out where the hand that feeds them gets the grub …

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  • admin says:

    And last but not least, a cowlick. Actually, I missed it as its tongue was stuck out, but it's still a cute shot.

  • admin says:

    I tried to have a perspective that meets the sense of size you feel next to it … and it isn't cropped, but shot exactly as you see it, but at a higher resolution.

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