Mowing “the lawn”

9 August, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

Okay, “Mowing the Lawn” does not describe riding a Farmall Super C tractor for 7 hours to mow several acres of land at the Gas & Steam Engine Association grounds. The first hour I was just enthralled and amazed to be riding such a machine. The next few hours I was like “Well I can see how people can call this work, but I’m loving it” and the last few were more like “Man, will this take FOREVER? It’s still great to be out here doing it and all, but I have to eat and sleep sometime.” Next time, I’ll bite off a smaller parcel of land to work on. The day was partly cloudy (perfect) with about 200 seconds of light rain.

View From Tractor

And I felt especially guilty mowing down a field full of beautiful wildflowers. I saved a little patch, and picked a bunch for my wife before I came home.

View From Tractor

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