Random Photos – Agfa Ephoto 780

26 August, 2004 Ken Photography

Here are some random (but nice) photos taken with my first digital camera, an AGFA ePhoto 780, and I bought it through my friend Steve as an AOL special, about $200 at the time.

It took alright pictures, but only on highest setting could compete (almost) with amateur analog 35mm cameras. But it was still cool. I eventually upgraded to my Olympus C-211 ZOOM and gave the old girl to Krista, a friend and neighbor here at the apartment complex (long story I shall not tell). I don't think she uses it though.

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  • admin says:

    This photo, if I remember correctly, was taken from a country road (probably route 20 or 5) in Monroe or Erie county on the way back from a client. Note the moon, visible as a speck of white.

  • admin says:

    This other photo was taken on Seneca Lake (or Keuka, I can't recall), north of Corning, NY. Like the other photo, it was resized, but not adjusted in any other way.

  • admin says:

    These next two photos were taken on a family vacation, North of Corning, NY, June 2001.The first one is a store shop window for bridal supplies. It was in a small village on the tip of one of the finger lakes (Keuka or Seneca).

  • admin says:

    I don't feel like hunting down where I took this picture, but I think it was at the Butterfly Conservatory in Ontario, Canada, a bit north of Niagara Falls. (2001)

  • admin says:

    Leaves and branches of a tree at Fisher Park Apartments, West Seneca, NY. (2001) Notice the pidgeon, “Grunt”, who we rehabilitated and had just released, sitting in one of the branches.

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