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Twilight in Western New York

I always say we don’t get much around here as far as sunsets, but we get the most amazing twilights anywhere. IF you’ve seen some amazing colors in the sky in Hawaii, or Alaska, or out in the deset – YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. We have amazing twilights ALL YEAR ROUND. Sometimes it’s like a nearly nightly show where colors you ccan’t imagine painting with appear, spread and change, with a glimpse of a sunset as a finale, and then an encore of more colors into an amazing purlpe-black night sky.

Here I pay tribute to these visions, and to their glorious Creator.

{Note from old forums: There was a rainbow too, which my wife and I enjoyed while holding each other in the parking lot. That’s what life’s all about. Anyway, I missed some of the show because I couldn’t find my camera, and then most of the other poics didn’t come out. Oh well. There’s no way to truly capture our twilights out here on film anyway.}