Buffalo Twilight

18 September, 2004 Ken Photography

Twilight in Western New York

I always say we don’t get much around here as far as sunsets, but we get the most amazing twilights anywhere. IF you’ve seen some amazing colors in the sky in Hawaii, or Alaska, or out in the deset – YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. We have amazing twilights ALL YEAR ROUND. Sometimes it’s like a nearly nightly show where colors you ccan’t imagine painting with appear, spread and change, with a glimpse of a sunset as a finale, and then an encore of more colors into an amazing purlpe-black night sky.

Here I pay tribute to these visions, and to their glorious Creator.

{Note from old forums: There was a rainbow too, which my wife and I enjoyed while holding each other in the parking lot. That’s what life’s all about. Anyway, I missed some of the show because I couldn’t find my camera, and then most of the other poics didn’t come out. Oh well. There’s no way to truly capture our twilights out here on film anyway.}

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5 Responses to “Buffalo Twilight”

  • admin says:

    You can also view a twilight photo from an older camera in this thread.

  • krissy_jhnsn says:

    wow dude. Thats just incredible! At least I have my mom here with me this weekend so I’m not *too* homesick! 🙂

  • Phenixred says:

    OMG I saw it to, it was amazing!! In the front of my house the sky was like a peachy red. BUT in the back yard there was a double rainbow. It was beautiful!! I tried to get a picture of it all , but all I had was my camera phone, and it doesn't take pictures sharp enough.

  • admin says:

    This next shot was the second of two, after turning off the flash. It allows you to see the foreground better, but the sky was completely re-rendered in appearance — I swear I didn't see a spec of blue at the time and the preview shocked me.But it's still a beautiful pic, and like the last, no cropping, gamma correction, nada.

  • admin says:

    This was taken a few moments ago, just down my street by the Thruway toll booths. I took a lot more, but my Olympus C-211 is crapping out. I have to manually adjust for distance and even then they often don't come out.This photo was the first of two shots, with the flash on by mistake, but reasonably captured what I saw with mine own eyes.

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