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 {Whoa!  Don’t know where this came from … Then again, I’ve been thinking about the concept for some time, and instead of making it some sloppy theoretically essay, it became…}


O hairless woman!
How your clan has abandoned you.
You are not like the rest.

But one of their seed is within you.

To what will flow from deep beneath your ribs?
A hairless man, rejected also.
He will be unable to place himself fruitfully within any other woman.
For he is of you, and your kind alone.

In slumber, from deep beneath his own rib his offering shall come.
You are destined to carry and drop a hairless woman into the garden.
Like yourself, but destined as companion for your son.

Together as kin they shall bear all other hairless spawn.
They shall seep to every corner of land and sea.
In time they shall even touch the firmament of the heavens.

But you shall be forgotten.
Ancestor of both father and mother.
None comes down this path but through your gates.
You are no more or less God than Creation itself.