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I Want My Childhood

25 November, 2012 Ken Poetry & Prose

I Want My Childhood I didn’t know the stillness of falling snow, swift silence I didn’t bother to listen until I grew out of my skin and finally slowed down There it is beauty still There was no one to share it with me in a tobaggan with no hill sent out dressed warm I […]


Poem in a Parking Lot

21 April, 2012 Ken Poetry & Prose

{I wrote this after getting gas today, thinking about my wife and that I’m tired of not writing poetry … } You are not my Rock for a rock is cold, unyielding No, you are my very Earth support in every place I tread bearing blessings in a regular harvest You are not my Venus […]


Defecit – A Love Poem

16 September, 2008 Ken Poetry & Prose

I wrote this in a coffee shop in Ithaca, NY after wandering the Commons for an hour or two while my daughter and her friend were at a concert … missing the immediate company of my wife. Defecit — A Journey …Incomplete Aware of the warmth of a Spring daya sentiment lacks With both eyes […]


Unrequitted Satisfaction

15 July, 2006 Ken Poetry & Prose

I. I happen upon a gardenA grapevineFamiliar, unproven II. I see the grapes blossomTendrils outstretched not to meIn propriety I merely watch III. I secretly wish a harvest at my own handsAt that right time that comes without my knowingToo late, yet seeming too soon IV. I feel the wine pressedFor another to drinkYet I […]


Ads Gone Awry

4 July, 2006 Ken Poetry & Prose

Advertising’s gone awry. Why? Form after formEndlessly my keyboard treadsToward a free box of CheeriosNever reaching the end Submit! Submit!Rules and more rulesEven this poem must be at least 25 words in length


Poem written off the cuff …

25 June, 2006 Ken Poetry & Prose

To a friend unknown How many feet have passed my way adjacent prints on short paths a name known the sound of words exchanged but with little echo or sustain? As if a shade conjured reaching to me as a blind man not knowing what he wants a common tugging without tension a burden without […]


Poem – Lucifer

9 December, 2005 Ken Poetry & Prose

{Be warned. If you don’t get it, don’t freak out on me. I will explain if anyone asks for some … illumination.} O most burderened of servants Placed to test all in fire Teaching them fear You are the fence for my sheep Your mask, your names Create an opposite reflection of me Hated, despised […]


A Poem

2 September, 2005 Ken Poetry & Prose

O sweet cruelty The intoxication of restraint Sometimes it is enough to want


Poem – Sufferage (humor)

24 September, 2004 Ken Poetry & Prose

sufferage there used to be a moatto separate us goatsbut now the sheep have got the vote they always had the sayupon the end of daybut now insist every game to play so where's a man to goto grunt and scratch down lowwithout etiquettes and courtesies to know? we miss the days of grita break […]


Poem – Lilith

24 September, 2004 Ken Poetry & Prose

 {Whoa!  Don’t know where this came from … Then again, I’ve been thinking about the concept for some time, and instead of making it some sloppy theoretically essay, it became…} Lilith O hairless woman! How your clan has abandoned you. You are not like the rest. But one of their seed is within you. To […]


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