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Yes, I’ve said this before over the years, but here’s today’s example …

I went to Dunkirk for a meeting no one told me was cancelled. On the way there, gas was low and the engine didn’t want to talk to the transmission, or something like that. Gunk in the tank, bad fuel filter, whatever. Bottom line? Get the fuel gage off the almost empty mark and take it to the shop tomorrow.

First there was discovering that Geico does not work with the officially appointed towing agencies — the only ones allowed on the NYS Thruway. Well, it seems that for insurance reasons (informs the friendly State Trooper), if you can’t get the car going yourself, you CANNOT CALL A FRIEND to bring you gas, look under the hood or ANYTHING. And — here’s the kicker — you have to pay the NYS Thruway certified service ON THE SPOT.

SO … if you break down without a credit card, enough cash, or a check on you, they can impound your car as abandoned. That almost happened to me. Fortunately, Merry (over the phone) got me our debit/credit card’s info, and fortunately, the friendly towing expert and his wife (a cute Seneca girl, tagging along) accepted it.

Three gallons and a $60 service charge later, I was rolling again, just in time to find out the meeting never took place, so I didn’t miss anything.

Another day in the life …