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I was in East Aurora the other day doing a last minute Tai Chi class (the instructor stiffed the school district and they called me first hoping I would “come out of retirement”). Super Ken to the rescue!

Anyway, on the way there I had some time to kill and I needed a snack to get me through. I only had a credit/debit card on me, and I felt silly buying a dollar’s worth of junk food. So I stocked up on 2/$1 honey-roasted peanuts, grabbed a Diet Coke with Lime (oh, yeah) and amidst browsing things to bring my tab up to a more decent amount, I decided to buy-and-try a “Chocolate Cookie Dough Slimfast Bar” :

Slimfast Bar of Evil

Not shockingly it tasted like a fig newton with the consistency of really chewy peanut butter (if there were such a thing). And as unnatural an experience as it was, you know what? I would eat another one someday. And you know what else? I wasn’t hungry until late the next day. Coincidence?