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Wife upset, crying. I thought someone (else) had died, like one of the pets.

It was perhaps worse than losing a pet. Our chest freezer died. Everything is wasted.

And before anyone makes any stupid BOO-HOO comments, I want you to know that was our FREAKING FOOD FOR THE NEXT YEAR. That’s right, any time you came over and ate with us, it was because we were able to buy something on sale last week, or last month, or 8 months ago. Or get it from the farm as far ago as last year.

We only had so much room for canned goods – the rest we froze. Any of last year’s harvest and most of this year’s – all we did on the farm – what remained is all but gone. And unless we can fix it, we have NOWHERE to store any turkeys. We buy them this time of year, when they’re real affordable, and we spread them out over the course of the year. Seriously, we shop FIVE to TEN TIMES A YEAR. We couldn’t afford to shop every week. Yes, things were that bad for us the last couple of years, and the freezer was one of the reasons we made it through.

And we’re not quite ready to adjust to this if we can’t fix it. Too many things are going on right now to just buy a new one, or even the food to replace the loss.

I’m going back to bed.