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I went to a modelling site and looked for women I thought were hot and then checked their measurements. And I don’t mean hot to just me (I have a wide window for seeing beauty), but typical, modern, pinup-style girls.

Here’s the preliminary results:

Model A – 5’8″ / 150 lbs. (Medium Frame)
Model B – 5’9″ / 130 lbs. (Small-Medium Frame)
Model C – 5’6″ / 110 lbs. (Medium Frame, probably lying about weight, because she wasn’t gross-bony at all)
Model D – 5’6″ / 115 lbs. (Small-Medium Frame)
Model E – 5’4″ / 115 lbs. (Small-Medium Frame)

So what’s the point? These are the SKINNIEST girls and women I would find attractive, yet many girls and women would think they are fat at those numbers. I’m not posting the pics or links (some of them have nudes in their portfolios), but take my word for it – they don’t have any rolls or unecessary buldges anywhere, so don’t tell me I’m into fat chicks (although I see not lack of beauty in that as well, in moderation). In fact, this model site has a reputation for discriminating against plus sizes.

Here’s the hint a bit less subtle:

If your weight, according to height and frame, is quite a bit more than above, you may still be attractive and healthy (I’m not talking twice as much here folks, but a few dozen pounds or more). If you are BELOW AT ALL, see a doctor and force yourself to follow their advice, such as actually eating regularly without purging or diet pills.

No offense meant to anyone, but I have a daughter of my own who is surrounded by girls obsessed with losing weight when they are still growing and should be GAINING weight. Something needs to be done, and a few positive role models would be nice. Where are they?