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I need to be on Art Bell’s show “Coast-to-coast”.


Because I know more than some of his guest speakers on subjects from cosmology to parapsychology.

This guy last night bullshisted around questions that I could have easily answered, or at least answered CORRECTLY. He couldn’t even differentiate for a caller the theological difference between purgatory and hell. For an average Catholic, this is freakin’ child’s play!

Anyway …

(1) Sheol (if he was even pronouncing it right) is derived from the early Hebrew concept of the grave or writ of death, NOT some Hades-equivalent underworld.

(2) Gehena IS a physical place, but is related to fire not because of some rumor of anicent fire-child sacrifice ritual, but was simply the burning refuse pile outside the City of Jerusalem. It’s amazing how many Christians don’t know this simple fact.

(3) Elohim (Eloim) is NEITHER singular nor plural, and I could prove in court this guy does not know the original language contexts at all. It is the word for G-d used by the Southern Kingdom (Judah), and is a “group noun” (like the words “cluster” or “family” for examples in English). Thus God created Man in their own image.

Whoever he was, he was more ignorant than the professors and grad students from SUNYAB or Buff State that daytime radio interviews on various issues. Geez. And people wonder why I’m not obsessed with doing graduate studies.

Explanation of Rant

You see, my wife sleeps better with the radio on, and sometimes this show creeps me out when I wake in the middle of the night. Sometimes it just irritates me, with rediculous statements (usually made by callers, but sometimes by the guest speakers) on subjects from meteorology to Egyptology. Art Bell himslef seems to take the stuff respectfully tongue-in-cheek — after all, it’s his bread and butter. But I wonder how many people swallow this stuff as expert testimony in their fields, and droll such opinions off their chins to their friends and then across the populace like the plague of ignorance it is.