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Aunt Bobbie and cousin Bink (Frank III) couldn’t make it for the Holidays, but after an early Wigilia (so Mer’s parents could get home before dark in potentially inclement weather), we called them and also rang up my Dad and Kathy, wishing him a happy 70th birthday (thought 70 was a few years from now, but times slip past …).

Earlier, Moo, after hours of hairpulling and with the help of phone tech support, we reached the realization that I literaly had gotten my wires crossed – the reason my staying up into 4am the night before was in vain. But now, after the intention of Merry waking up to a wireless laptop had dissipated, she is ethernet-cable-free and roaming the apartment.

A snowstorm did hit Christmas Eve, and I snow plowed twice in 2 hours after Wigilia, and took Chrissy home early becasue the storm might have gotten much worse, though in the end it did not. We never did make it to Midnight Mass at our church. But we discovered that Merry’s car handles wonderfully, as does my truck, in adverse snow conditions, though I am not yet entirely used to rear wheel drive.

Anyway, tenants are being wacky about my shovelling (I should seriously write a book and leave all their real names in it), I was impiously “corrected” on a bulletin board by a 7th grader over political history, and it seems like this was the most hectic and unusual Christmas we’ve had for a long time. But somehow, it all came together, and was really nice. I am not even concerned that I exceeded my chosen ideal weight maximum by three pounds.

I wish Peace to the World, and shall sleep soundly tonight.