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Here’s a copy of an email I sent to someone who keeps sending me bullsh*t editorials and links to false news sources about Bush’s “hubristic imperialism … a.k.a. HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS” (his capitalization), “Mass murderer”, blah blah blah … I have yet to see an actual reliable news source or any sane logic of any kind from this man and he keeps polluting the Internet.


I apologize in advance for having to do this.

John, enough is enough.

So you’ve got a hard-on for Bush. It’s like something really bad must have
happened in your life, and I know it is inconceivable I could understand,
being too young to have seen what you’ve seen in your lifetime, but with
experience comes vast amounts of either wisdom or opinion. And forgive me
for having the responsibility to tell you this for your own good, but this
is obsessive compulsive paranoia – if I thought you would even get a second
opinion, I would say please talk this over with someone who can help.

As for all of you who John has decided to give your names out to the world
by forwarding all this as nauseam, I need to know – am I the only one who is
tired of all this yet? Maybe the people who actually have a clue as to
what’s going on should fight these battles, and I mean LEADERS from all
political persuasions, EXPERTS, REAL journalists, etc. and not armchair
editorialists who have left all perspective and intellectual honesty behind.
We need to be informed, not drawn exclusively to extremist media sources and
calling the rest a conspiracy or cover-up. That’s the REAL brainwashing
when you start believing such things.

That is the REAL crime against humanity, of which we are all guilty if we do
not think and reason for ourselves, and take the time to weed out truth from
fiction and lies. Unwanted bias-based ramblings to the rest of us by
excessive mass communication is not at all what our forefathers had in mind
when protecting free speech.

But some of you, unfortunately, will believe anything they read on the
Internet. And there’s lots of stuff out there that would make you laugh
with ridiculousness or cry with tragedy, but never THINK. Last link in
point. Look at their website – and their obvious agenda. Don’t any of you
people get tired or reading this trash? It’s a dime a dozen online — It’s
like the Jerry Springer of politics has become the norm.

Yeah, Bush eats babies, blah, blah, blah. I don’t necessarily like or hate
the man myself, but the majority of over-the-top criticisms never fail to be
blind and/or moronic, ignorant at best and outright deception at worst. Is
this what we’ve come to? The National Inquirer is more accurate than all
this nonsense. And thanks to the wonders of the Internet, anybody can spout
endless propaganda and not be held accountable – and so truly have no sense
of responsibility to you or anyone. You want our leaders to be accountable?
Let’s start with ourselves.

Oh, and as for the web attacks on our senses to create mass hysteria? It’s
perpetuated by mass emails. Please, for the love of Allah by any name,

I don’t hate you, and have tried to respect your free speech. But if you
keep yelling fire in a theater like this, I can’t hang with you. I read
both sides of the story, but have no toleration for the outright ridiculous
on any side. Please don’t debate me – it would end ridiculous, like up
arguing over the color blue. Just take me off your list and forget about
this message, or talk about the stupidity, blindness, and insanity of
everyday people like me BEHIND my back.

But what we influence others to believe is a truckload of karma coming our
way. I hope your airbags work.