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I kinda celebrate Chinese New Year anyway, but here’s the scoop.

This was the first year we watched th ball come down (TImes Square) via the web (EarthCam) instead of television. It was much more like being there, without all the comentating and news flashes, and going from local to NYC and back or splitscreen. Then we went to bed … (crash)

Otherwise a very quiet evening; Merry had a migrane and we had no guests over. I was drowsy (and took a nap) from a couple glasses of mead I had with dinner. Almost total silence until we went to the webcam a minute or two before midnight. It looked like Colin Powell and Juliani pushing the ball-switch. Really neat, and the holiday was as peaceful as our Christmas. Just wondering what our friends were doing at that moment, like Susan, Jes, Michelle … Couldn’t get ahold of my Dad in Utah – they must have been out – so I left a message.

And the last few days, Merry has been pointing out the now significant gray in my beard, which apparently is only visible in sunlight, and I have yet to confirm this myself, even a hair. Not that I mind at all. I just wish I could actually see it. Well, heading off to church – I hope we do a special prayer for the Tsunami victims – and then North Ridge is giving me an award. More on that later.